This is due to a bug of the Mobile Plans App. Until the fix is released by Microsoft, please go to ubigi.me in your browser to be able to access your account
Using your cellular connectivity is necessary to link the SIM to your account. After that, you can log into your account and manage your data plans from any device and connection.

To be able to create an account, you need to be connected using cellular connectivity. Please turn off Wi-Fi, connect in cellular and refresh the page.
Once your account is created, you can log into your account from any device and any connection


Ubigi is a cellular connectivity service.
Ubigi is integrated into Windows 10 to offer you prepaid data plans directly from the native Mobile Plans App

Our SIM only provides data, you will not receive a phone number.
You can still make calls using a VOIP program such as Skype.

Our Ubigi SIM cards for mobile devices are compatible with all devices under Windows 10 with a cellular modem.
Click here to learn about the devices sold with our SIM
If you do not have a Windows 10 device, why don’t you check our data sim offer, Transatel DataSIM?
It works with all types of devices equipped with a SIM slot.

Yes, once you have made the first data connection from your SIM card, you have 15 days to return all the personal information we have requested from you, otherwise we are required by law to suspend your line.

Yes, depending on your Windows 10 version you will need either a Microsoft Account or an Ubigi account to be able to purchase data plans.
Click here to find which one you’ll need

Your balance will be displayed in the Network menu when you are connected to the Cellular Network.
You can also find it in your Ubigi Selfcare. To access it, click on “View my Account” in the network menu, or go directly to ubigi.me
Note: to see the balance in the Windows menu, you need to be in a location where the data plan is valid, and to be connected.


Following your Windows 10 version, your customer experience will differ. Click here to find out how to buy one of our plans

A recurring Data Plan is an internet pack with a data envelope that is renewed automatically at specific intervals, for example ‘200MB per day for 10 days’, or ‘1GB per month for 3 months’.
The recurring Data Plan is paid in one go at the date of the initial purchase for the total duration.
You can buy a recurring Data Plan with your available credit balance, or by credit card.
This offer is only available for recharging. Simply log into your account. There, you will find the catalog of Ubigi offers, including recurring Data Plans.

To make sure that the payment process is entirely secure, once you have entered your card number, expiration date and cryptogram, you will be redirected to your bank’s page.
Your bank will ask for information that only you know (e.g.: password, PIN code, etc…), depending on your bank. Once you have answered the relevant questions, you will be immediately redirected to the website.
This ensures that nobody but you can use your card to make a payment on our website.

If you are using the Mobile Plans App’s Store, you will only be able to see the plans available at your current location.
If you log into your MyUbigi Account, you will be able to see all our worldwide plans, and purchase them whenever you need.

No, using the Mobile Plans App and the Ubigi Selfcare to purchase data plans can be done even when you do not have any data left.
Still, due to a Windows 10 issue, you will not be able to access your Ubigi Account in the Mobile Plans app without Wi-Fi.
Until this bug is fixed, please connect directly to the Selfcare using your browser, instead of using the Mobile Plans App: www.ubigi.me

Depending on where you purchased the data plan, you will receive a payment ticket from us or from Microsoft.
If you purchased a plan using your Microsoft account, please click here to find your purchase history and download your invoice.
If you purchased a plan with your Ubigi account, click here to contact our customer service and request your invoice.

Prices vary depending on the location.
Click here to see all our plans.

As explained here, you can pay using an Ubigi account or a Microsoft account, depending on your Windows 10 version.
If you are purchasing with an Ubigi account, we sell plans in USD, and accept various credit cards as well as Paypal.
If you are purchasing using your Microsoft account, click here to manage your options.

Unfortunately, data plans cannot be refunded.


If the balance of your data plan is not showing in the app or in the network menu, it might be because:
– You are in a location or country not covered by the data plan
– Your allowance has expired or been used up
– You are in an area with weak signal. Displaying the balance requires connectivity.

If this is your first connection, it might take a few minutes for the SIM to connect.
Make sure that your location is covered by our services here.
Move your device beside a window or an open area in order to receive a better signal.
If nothing happens try the following troubleshooting:

    • Switching the device to “Airplane Mode”, then activating “Cellular” again

  • Restarting your device

You need to be connected to the Cellular Network to see the link.
If this is your first connection, it may take a few minutes for the SIM to be identified.
If the link still does not appear, you can access the Ubigi Selfcare from your browser, at the following address: ubigi.me

Try to deactivate and reactivate Cellular, and also restarting the device.
If this didn’t help, please contact our Customer Service.

If your device is equipped with more than one SIM or eSIM, you must select the SIM containing Cellular Data’s profile to be able to connect.
To proceed, go to “Settings” then “Networks & Internet”, and select “Cellular” in the left menu.
In the drop down list, select the right SIM. For Microsoft Surface Pro 5 LTE users, the eSIM with Cellular Data is SIM 2.

An ICCID is the reference used to identity your SIM.
To find your SIM card’s ICCID, go to “Settings”,

Then “Networks & Internet”:

Select “Cellular” in the left menu, then

click on “advanced options”:

The ICCID will appear at the bottom (SIM ICCID):