How to install Ubigi on your Android Device?


It couldn’t be easier to receive and install your Ubigi eSIM profile on your Android device!

Android network menu

In Settings, go to Network & Internet

Android mobile data

Select Mobile Network

Android add new carrier

Click on Add carrier

Android scan QR code

You can now scan your QR code

Android add new number confirmation

When the device asks for your confirmation click on Start

Android adding new number

The device will now install your profile Ubigi

Android phone number added

Your profile is now installed.
Click on Done

Android roaming and mobile data

Now, make sure that Mobile data and roaming are activated

Android roaming and mobile data

Finally, you need to set the Access Point Name (APN) for the service to work.
In Mobile network, scroll to the bottom and select Access Point Names

Android add new APN

Click on New APN

Android typing APN value

In the field APN, just type the 3 letters « mbb », then save

Android select APN

Now select the APN you just created

Android Ubigi as SPN

Your eSIM profile will now quickly attach to the local network.
You will see the name of our local partner operator and Ubigi appear near the network bars

You can now create your Ubigi account using ou App, or directly at!

To do so, make sure to use Ubigi for Mobile Data. You can switch back to your primary carrier after the account creation is done.
For further information on how to register and top up, click here.