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Ubigi For Travel Operators

Offer your customers instant and effortless internet connectivity across the globe​ with Ubigi travel eSIM.

Dive into Ubigi's tailor-made programs designed for airlines, tour operators, online travel agencies, hotel groups, cruise lines, city guides, travel service providers, DMCs, GDSs, TMCs…

Dive into Ubigi's tailor-made programs designed for airlines, tour operators, online travel agencies, hotel groups, cruise lines, city guides, travel service providers, DMCs, GDSs, TMCs…

Why consider a partnership with Ubigi?

Partnering with Ubigi eSIM enhances travel experiences by providing seamless,
cost-effective, and secure internet access for international leisure and business travelers

Our aim is to maximize revenue for partners while offering customers easy access to eSIM data plans worldwide, eliminating traditional SIM card hassles, roaming fees, and public Wi‑Fi hacking risks.

This collaboration enables travelers to acquire eSIM data plans effortlessly through various channels in line with your customer journeys, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity throughout their trip.

They trust us

Partnership Benefits ​


  • Improving the customer experience and building passenger loyalty​

New business

  • Additional revenue stream from the sale of data plans and top-ups


  • Multi-operator data coverage in over 200+ destinations​

Join our "Ubigi Associate Program"​

Join the Ubigi
Associate Program

    You sign a partnership contract with Ubigi/Transatel. You create an account in our affiliate platform partner Effinity.

Access Resources
and Tracking Links

    You'll have access to graphical resources such as banners, images, logos,... and unique tracking links to share online or add to your websites, newsletters, product catalogs...

A traveler purchases
a Ubigi data plan

    A person clicks on your link(s) and purchases an eSIM data plan from the Ubigi catalog. Order information will be automatically tracked in the affiliate platform.

15% commission

    You'll receive a 15% commission on sales of data plans. Accumulated commissions are paid out monthly through the Effinity platform. You'll have access to your dashboards for tracking your activity.

Ubigi eSIM features

Global connectivity

Stay connected in over 200 destinations worldwide without interruption. Access Ubigi’s extensive catalogue of local
and regional data plans.

Cost effective

Enjoy global connectivity at local costs! Save up to 90% compared to traditional roaming charges. No subscription,
no hidden fees, all prepaid.

Instant activation

Say goodbye to physical SIM cards. Instantly activate your 100% digital eSIM for a smooth, instant connection.

Dual SIM usage

Keep your primary provider for phone calls and SMS while enjoying data connectivity through your Ubigi eSIM.

Enhanced security

Protect yourself from the risks associated with public Wi-Fi, by guaranteeing a secure and private connection.

User-friendly Ubigi App

Download the Ubigi App from your app store and conveniently manage your account and top up anytime, anywhere, even if you've run out of data credits or without Wi-Fi.

Single eSIM

Once you have a Ubigi eSIM, no need to reinstall another one every time you purchase a new plan! Simply buy a plan for a new destination or recharge your plan when you're low on data using your Ubigi app!

Customer service

Global customer support is available via both hotline and online channels. Users have access to comprehensive troubleshooting resources and FAQs for self-assistance purposes.

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