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Ubigi For Travel Industry

eSIM 4G/5G international mobile connectivity for travelers and tourism stakeholders

Ubigi Partner Solutions
An ideal solution for all players in the travel industry
Maximize your offers, enhance the user experience and benefit from a catalog of over 200 destinations and flexible data plan options, at the best rates.
Discover our solutions for airlines, tour operators, car rental companies, travel insurers, hotel groups, GDSs, travel agencies, booking sites, DMCs, TMCs, OBTs..
International Events
Ensure that attendees remain connected and that your event creates a memorable impact.

Our commitments to our partners


  • Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improving customer experience

New source
of income

  • Additional revenue from thesale of data plans
  • Recurring revenues from top-ups

of service

  • Partnership with the best operator networks in the world
  • 1st “Consumer Champion” MVNO Award 2023

About Ubigi

Since 2017, Ubigi has been at the forefront of Travel Tech, offering global cellular eSIM connectivity in over 200 destinations, for smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as connected cars.

As a brand of Transatel, a company that has been around for 20 years and a member of the NTT group, we are leaders in MVNOs and IoT in Europe.

Key benefits of eSIM technology


eSIM removes the need for physical SIM cards. Travelers can swiftly activate their eSIM via a QR code or a mobile app.

Worldwide connectivity

eSIM offers global connectivity, enabling travelers to access data in multiple countries without changing SIM cards or purchasing local cards.


eSIM data plans can reduce roaming charges by up to 90%, making international travel more affordable, with no commitment or entry fees.


eSIMs help protect the environment by reducing the need for physical SIM cards.

Ubigi Wholesale Program​

APIs integration & eSIM management platform

your eSIMs
data plans
to your dashboard

Ubigi Associate Program

Affiliation platform & co-branded subdomain

Ubigi eSIMs​
Tracking ​
to your dashboard

Best-price roaming in over 200 destinations

Thanks to our negotiated agreements with local mobile operators worldwide

50+ Countries
(March 2024)
Ubigi App: The essential companion for travellers
The Ubigi App allows users to create their account effortlessly, top up on the go, track their consumption in real time, and refer friends for rewarding benefits.
Available on app stores

What are the benefits of partnering with Ubigi eSIM?


Benefit from a premium LTE/5G network covering over 200 destinations worldwide and a wide range of prepaid Internet data plans for smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Enhance your customers' experience with seamless connectivity, enabling them to stay connected around the world.

Global roaming,
effortlessly and

Make roaming easy for your customers at ultra-competitive local rates, eliminating the need to change SIM cards or search for unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

100% digital

Instantly provide a turnkey catalog of eSIM mobile data plans thanks to our suite of APIs and centralized management platform.

Enhanced booking experience

Let’s say Americans book vacation accommodation in Barcelona, the booking platform could offer them an enhanced booking experience by providing a mobile connectivity service. When travelers confirm their booking, they have the option of adding a Ubigi Spain 10 GB data plan for 16 euros.

This seamless integration allows travelers to benefit from reliable connectivity during their stay, enabling them to stay connected and easily orientate themselves in their new surroundings.

Global connectivity and travel insurance

As an international travel insurance company, you can offer added value to travelers who purchase travel insurance for destinations worldwide, covering over 200 countries. When customers opt for travel insurance, you can offer to include Ubigi’s connectivity solutions.

This integration enables travelers to benefit not only from financial protection through insurance, but also from seamless, cost-effective and secure connectivity throughout their trip, whatever the destination. It enhances their overall travel experience and peace of mind, knowing that they can stay in touch with loved ones, access vital information and manage their travel plans effortlessly.

Integration into a car-sharing company's mobile app

Let’s imagine that travelers arrive at New York airport and plan to use an app from a ride-sharing company like Uber for the duration of their stay. This transportation application could seamlessly integrate Ubigi’s eSIM services into its application.

Upon arrival at the airport, travelers would be invited to download an eSIM with a Ubigi USA 3GB data plan for just €8. This convenient option guarantees travelers instant, cost-effective connectivity for their journeys with the transport app and for their entire stay in New York.

Special offer for visitors to an international video game trade show

As the organizer of an international games show, you can enhance the event experience by offering visitors from abroad a special discount on mobile Internet data plans. By registering for the event, all visitors can receive a 20% discount coupon for the purchase of an Ubigi data plan.

This exclusive offer gives visitors access to reliable Internet connectivity at a reduced cost, enhancing their overall event experience.

Benefit from
20% off
on all data bundles

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