Ubigi - Technical Support - Frequently Asked Questions




Due to technical reasons, Ubigi currently does not work in Japan on Pixel 3 & 4 devices. A solution is coming soon!

To be able to create an account, you need to be connected using Ubigi’s cellular connectivity.
If you do not arrive on the account creation page, please follow these steps:

1. If you are using a dual SIM device, make sure that you are using your Ubigi SIM for mobile data.
2. Turn off Wi-Fi and/or disconnect your Ethernet cable
3. Restart the Ubigi App or refresh the page in your Internet browser.

Once your account is created, you’ll be automatically logged in when using your Ubigi SIM, or you can use your login and password from any other connection.

Ubigi works perfectly for tethering.

But for iPad you will need to manually enter the APN for it to work though. It only takes 1 minute to set it up, find all the details in the next question.

Normally you should be able to connect without filling in the APN(Access Point Name), but in some cases you might have to enter it manually.

In Windows 10

To do so, go to Settings, > Networks & Internet, and select Mobile (or Cellular in some Windows versions).

Click on “Advanced Options”, then select “Add an APN”

In the APN field, just type “mbb”


In the APN type drop down list, select “Internet and Attach APN”

Click on Save

Switch to Airplane mode for a few seconds in the network bar, then activate cellular again:

In iOS (for iPad only)

Go to Settings, then Mobile Data

In “Data Plans”, select your Ubigi profile and turn it on if it is not yet the case

When the profile is on, go to “Mobile Data Network”

Then, just type “mbb” in the all 4 APN fields: Mobile Data, LTE setup, MMS and Personal Hotspot

adding the APN in iOS

In Android

In Mobile network, scroll to the bottom and select Access Point Names

Click on New APN

In the field APN, just type the 3 letters « mbb », then save

Now select the APN you just created

This message is displayed when a purchase journey was interrupted, or if you already have a plan for the same destination.

    • if you already have a plan for the same destination: in this case, you will be able to purchase the plan again when the remaining data is below 200MB.
    • if a purchase was canceled or failed: in this case, the plan cannot be purchased for 1h. Please try again in one hour


After a purchase, you will receive a payment ticket from us. If you need an invoice containing VAT detail, or with your name and address, click here to contact our customer service and request your invoice.
Please include in your request:

    • any details you want the invoice to display: name, company name, address…
    • the details of the payment receipt you received (with the transaction reference, date, total amount…)

Unfortunately, data plans cannot be refunded.

Just log into your Selfcare account, your balance is updated in real time in your dashboard. The Selfcare is accessible even when you do not have any balance left.

In Windows 10

In Windows 10 you can also check it instantly by clicking on the network bar. The balance will be displayed


The Ubigi Selfcare, and the Ubigi website are always accessible free of charge, even when you have run out of data. You can recharge and check your balance at any time.


An ICCID is the reference used to identity your SIM. It consists in 18 digits, starting with “8988247” .
It can be found in the emails we sent you when you purchased a plan.

It can also be found in the original email we sent you with the eSIM QR code.
But if can always retrieve it in your device’s settings:

In iOS

Go to Settings > General, and scroll all the way down to the “ICCID” field. (Only active SIMs’ ICCID are displayed).

In Android

Go to Settings, then “About phone”, and tap “SIM Status”. The ICCID will then be displayed.

In Windows 10

To find your eSIM’s ICCID, go to “Settings”, then “Networks & Internet”:

Select “Cellular” in the left menu, then

click on “advanced options”:

The ICCID will appear at the bottom (SIM ICCID):

If your device is equipped with more than one SIM or eSIM, you must select the SIM containing Ubigi’s profile to be able to connect.

All our ICCIDs start with the following numbers: 8988247

In Windows 10

To proceed, go to “Settings” then “Networks & Internet”, and select “Cellular” in the left menu.
In the drop down list, select the right SIM. For Microsoft Surface Pro 5 LTE users, the eSIM with Cellular Data is SIM 2.

For iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, click here for all details on how to use the eSIM.

In iOS

We have a special page that explains how to set up Ubigi on your iOS dual SIM device :

Click here

To obtain these codes, please contact our Customer Service.

If you cannot flash the QR code, iOS offers the possibility to enter the code manually.

You have received an email from us containing an activation code, in the following format:


To use this code in iOS, when the iPhone asks your to “Scan QR code”, click on the link “Enter Activation Code” at the bottom of the screen.

You will have to split the code in 2 fields, “SM-DP+ address” and “Activation Code”:

  • The SM-DP+ Address (in blue in the example) is the same for all profiles: LPA:1$trl.prod.ondemandconnectivity.com
  • The activation code is the last part of the link, after the last “$”. In the example above, it is the part in pink:

Here’s an example:

Little recommandation: iOS will not let you go back and forth between the mail and the eSIM settings, so we advise you to copy the activation code, and to type the SM-DP+ address manually 🙂

Our QR codes can only be re-used on the same device, but don’t worry, we’ll arrange a profile SWAP for you!
Just contact our Customer Service and ask to transfer your eSIM profile to a new device, and we’ll send you a new QR code linked to your existing account and ongoing data plan if any.

If your received your QR code after August 23rd, 2019:

If you have deleted the data plan on your device, you can now use the QR code to download it again.
However, it will only work on the same device.
If you want to transfer your Ubigi eSIM account to a new device, please contact our Customer Service to receive a special QR code, linked to your account.

If you received your QR code before August 23rd, 2019:

QR codes can only be used once, do not delete it or reset your eSIM unless you really need to!
If you had not created an account yet, you can use our eSIM form and get a new QR code.
If you had already created an account and have an ongoing data plan, contact our Customer Service so we can proceed to a SWAP and provide you with a new QR code.

Depending on your device, the name of a local operator, or the numbers “901 37” might appear.
Some devices may also display the name of our old brand, “Cellular Data”, or of our company, Transatel.
As long as you are sure you are using our SIM, there is no problem!

If this is your first connection, it might take a few minutes for the SIM to connect.
Make sure that your location is covered by our services here.

If nothing happens try the following troubleshooting:

  • Check that 3G and LTE are activated
  • Switch the device to “Airplane Mode”, then try activating “Cellular” again
  • Restart your device
  • Do a manual network search : Select your Ubigi profile in Network & Internet, then go to “Mobile Network” and touch “Search Networks”. The list of available networks will be displayed, and you select one of our local partners (see the list here)
  • For Windows 10 & Android only: Check that roaming is allowed