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Choose your Ubigi eSIM data plan for the Paris Fashion Week:

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Seamless connectivity during Parisian haute couture shows

Amid the vibrant colors, visionary outfits and sophisticated craftsmanship showcased at Paris Fashion Week, make sure you have fast and secure connectivity to share your favorite designer's collection without paying roaming charges with our data packages for France or Europe.

Get the Ubigi exclusive connectivity!

-Avoid insecure Wi-Fi and enjoy fast Internet on the go at the best price!

-5G is now available at no extra cost.

-Download your FREE Ubigi eSIM profile and easily purchase a data plan via the Ubigi app to connect to the Internet immediately. Convenient, prepaid, no commitment.

Why Ubigi international eSIM is so great?


No more swapping physical SIM cards when you travel! No more logistic hassle.


Once your eSIM profile installed on your device, always available and ready to use.

More secure

Safer than public Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, coffee shops or hotels. Encrypted connection.

Better for the planet

Fewer plastic SIM cards manufactured, kinder to the environment.


Worldwide high-quality cellular connectivity in 190+ destinations.


Up to 90% cheaper than roaming fees with your home-based carrier.


A large range of prepaid data plans for everyone’s needs. Pay-as-you-go top-ups.


Easy personal account management with the intuitive Ubigi selfcare app.

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