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Ubigi provides high-end and seamless
connectivity, as well as affordable data plans,
wherever you are in the world.


No more swapping physical SIM cards when you travel!
No more logistic hassle.


Up to 90% cheaper than roaming fees with your
home-based carrier.

More secure

Safer than public Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, coffee shops or hotels. Encrypted connection.

Better for the planet

Fewer plastic SIM cards manufactured, kinder
to the environment.


Worldwide high-quality
cellular connectivity
in 200 destinations.


Once your eSIM profile installed on your device, always available and ready to use.


A large range of prepaid data plans for everyone’s needs.
Pay-as-you-go top-ups.


Easy personal account management with the intuitive Ubigi selfcare app.

Global connections,
local prices!

Enjoy the Internet on the go at cost-saving data plans while traveling abroad.


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