When Do I Need to Use my eSIM Data Plan? Answer by Ubigi
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Why would you need an eSIM data plan?

You need an eSIM data plan, like Ubigi, when you want to stay connected to work, friends and family while away from home, wherever you are in the world! This is a top priority when traveling for business, but also very useful when on holidays!

Here are some examples of why eSIM data plans are ideal for you if you travel abroad on a regular basis:

– You want to use VoIP services to make free and cheap voice and video calls, locally and internationally (Skype, Teams, WhatsApp, Line…)
– You need to have access to and post content on your social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) while on the move
– You need to have access to your company’s VPN or your private cloud content wherever you are
– You just can’t stop playing your favorite online games or watch your favorite clips on YouTube
– You have no space available on your mobile device to download music and videos, and so need to stream music and videos while on the go
– You need a permanent access to your navigation software (Google Maps, Waze…), so you don’t get lost in a city that you don’t know

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