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Choose your perfect data plan to roam the streets of Venice:

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SIM Card

How to start with Ubigi?

Select your data plan

and receive it by
QR code via email.

Scan the QR code

to activate the data plan and
install the Ubigi eSIM.

Create your account

to start using your data plan, check
your balance and top up on the go.

The ability to activate the eSIM may vary by country and/or device model version. Refer to the full specifications for your device. Ubigi is not responsible for this inconvenience.

Connect wherever you are.

Enjoy the traditional Italian festival celebrating fun and freedom:

• Make sure you stay connected during your stay in Italia without paying roaming charges

• Choose from our European or local data plans

• And instantly share the most epic moments!

Make your stay memorable with the eSIM!

Costumes, Venetian masks, laughter and the Internet on the go!

• No more swapping out physical SIM cards.

• No more using unsecured or weak public Wi-Fi

• No more experiencing congested networks. So, get your eSIM plan for mobile data to move freely and always stay securely connected.

Why Ubigi international eSIM is so great?

Instant activation

Get a QR code via email in minutes and scan it


Worldwide high-quality cellular connectivity in 200+ destinations


Up to 90% cheaper than roaming charges with your existing carrier

Easy top up

Anywhere via the Ubigi app, even without Wi-Fi or remaining data


No need to remove your existing SIM card

Always ready to use

Install your eSIM once and activate a data plan when needed

Multi device

Works with eSIM compatible smartphones, tablets and eSIM laptop with Windows 10/11

More secure

Safer than public Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, coffee shops or hotels. Encrypted data connection.


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