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What is international roaming?

When you travel abroad and you want to use mobile data on your device, you may have to pay roaming charges to connect to a local mobile network.

Roaming allows you to use your mobile device outside of your carrier’s coverage area through the network of local mobile operators, thanks to international agreements between your carrier and other mobile network providers outside of your country.

Roaming is possible from your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. But be aware that using calls or the Internet through your usual carrier subscription is often extremely expensive.

How to avoid roaming fees?
Ubigi is a great alternative when you go abroad. Prepaid data plans such as Ubigi eSIM data plans allow you to benefit from cost-effective mobile data, up to 90% cheaper than using your home-based carrier (depending on the country) and there is no commitment or contract.

Ubigi offers cellular data for eSIM compatible devices in 180+ destinations with instant setup: activate your Ubigi free eSIM, create your account and buy prepaid data plans. You can always top up on-the-go, even when your previous plan has run out or expired!

Moreover, once the Ubigi eSIM profile is installed on your device, it will always be there and ready to use. All you need is to purchase a new data plan that covers the country you will be visiting.

What are the EU regulations in terms of roaming fees in Europe?

Since 2017, if you are a European Union resident, your national contract will cover your communications (phone calls, text messages, and data use) made from another EU country. As a result, minutes, SMS, and GB of data used in another EU country will be paid at the rates in your national tariff plan. It can also be subtracted from the national volumes in your contract, just like they would be if you were in your home country.

Be aware that when your local contract includes a fixed volume of data or is unlimited, you may have a roaming data limit. And if you use more data while roaming than your data allowance permits, you may have to pay an extra €3 per GB of data (+ VAT).
More about surcharge-free roaming in the EU

If you are not from the European Union, then it is likely you will have to pay roaming charges to use mobile data in Europe. Always check your mobile operator roaming policies when you make your travel plans.

What about EU roaming for British citizens?
Since January 2021, UK operators have been allowed to reintroduce so-called roaming charges because the UK’s Brexit trade deal with the EU, signed at the end of 2020, did not rule them out. The mobile operator Vodafone is following EE’s lead by introducing extra charges for some of its customers using their phones in Europe from next year, after the UK left the EU. We recommend to check the details of your plan with your phone operator before travelling (tariff, fair use and roaming data limits).

What is next?
Make sure to install your free Ubigi eSIM before travelling abroad to avoid large amount of roaming fees.

Based in the Middle-East? Find more details about Ubigi in Arabic language.

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